New Baby Check list.

New Baby Check list.

New Baby Check list.

This check list has been designed to help you decided what you may want to purchase and prepare for when your baby arrives and you're in the early days. Once you're in your routine you will get to know what you like, what you don't and what you need more of.

 Firstly my top tip is don't go overboard with one brand as you may find it doesn't agree with your new-borns skin. 

 Nappy changes.

 Depending on weather you have decided to use disposables or cloth will depend on what you will need. I know quite a few Mummy's who don't cloth straight from birth but it's not to say you can't. There are many fabulous brands and really helpful social media groups if this is a route you would like to take or find out more.

 Cloth nappies

  • 25-30 Nappies (if you are washing every 2 days.)
  • A wet bag or bucket to store your dirty nappies.
  • Washing machine.
  • 25-30 Inserts/Boosters.
  • 5 Wraps ( if you aren't planning to use pocket nappies.)
  • Reusable wipes.
  • A plan to dry them.
  • A medium wet bag for when you finally want to go out out.
  • Liners (fleece or disposable.)

Disposable nappies

There are many different nappy brands on the market and sometimes it can be trial and error for what works best for your new baby. This can also be said for wipes. The wipes I'll be using the are Cheeky Panda* they are 99% water and 1% Aloe nice and gentle for a new born's delicate skin.

 *I've not been paid to say I will be using these wipes this is my own personal choice.

 What you will need:

  • A pack of new born nappies.
  • Wipes.
  • Changing mat or changing pad.
  • Nappy cream.
  • Sacks.
  • Nappy disposable system. 

You may choose the have a changing table or use the top of a dresser. Just remember babies should never be left unattended.


How to feed your baby is a personal choice and you ultimately need to do what is best for you and you your baby.

 If you choose to breastfeed you don't really need any equipment as such but you may decide to or need the following if you decide to express.

Some nursing Mother's like to have:

  • Bibs.
  • Muslins.
  • Milk storage pots or containers.
  • Breast pump- manual or electric.
  • Bottles.
  • Breast pads (Disposable or reusable.)
  • Nipple cream.
  • Nursing bras.

Formula Feeding.

  • Bottles with a slow flow teat  0+.
  • Bottle brush.
  • Steriliser.
  • Bibs.
  • Muslins.
  • Formula storage pot.
  • Formula.

There are many different brands of formula on the market ready made or powder. Be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines when making up your baby's feeds. 


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