Where Will Baby Sleep?

Where Will Baby Sleep?

Where Will Baby Sleep?

This is question you've provably asked yourself a few times now. There are so many different options available and can be overwhelming. The Lullaby Trust who are dedicated to promoting expert advice on safer sleeping for babies and raises awareness on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS.) When you first come home and even before that the midwives in hospital and your midwife will discuss safer sleeping with you and check that baby does have a safe sleeping to come home to. 

 The Lullaby Trust recommend the safest place for baby to sleep is in with with you till they are over 6 months, flat on their backs and in their own space weather this be cot, Moses basket, side sleeper. With no lose covers or extra padding such as bumpers. Making sure whatever you choose has a firm flat surface with a waterproof cover this should be undamaged and show no signs of wear and tear.

 When you've chosen where baby is going to sleep there a few things you need to check does the product comply with the British safety standards? You should be able to find this on the product itself, the packaging or instructions. This means it guarantees a certain level of safety meaning it won't fall apart or catch fire easily. When you lay baby down on the mattress does their head sink too far in? Does the mattress lift up at the top or bottom. If the mattress does either of these then they should be discarded. The baby sleep surface should be flat which allows baby to not overheat. Does it have a waterproof cover? 

 Baby sleep essentials.

 What you will need to purchase or consider when laying baby down to rest or sleep. It's important to remember safe sleep guidelines should be followed during the day as well as the evening.

  •  A crib, Moses basket, slide sleeper.
  • A firm flat waterproof mattress. 
  • Sheets- these should fit flush to the mattress and not cause buckling at the ends of the mattress.
  • Blankets, sleeping bag or swaddle.
  • Room thermometer.

Panda seemed to  prefer to be swaddled when he was led to sleep and it help with the startle relax especially in those early days.

 Both my children slept in either their pram or Moses basket during the day and crib at night. 

Some parents decide to have a Moses basket downstairs for the day and crib/ cot upstairs for evening. Others choose to transfer the Moses basket between upstairs and downstairs. There is no right or wrong way or rule to say you can't have both a Moses basket or crib it's what is going to suit your lifestyle. The ultimate thing to remember is baby should have a clutter free, safe space of their own to rest and sleep and should always be placed on their backs.

This time we're going to use the Shnuggle air bedside crib* and bedding. I particularly like it's features that it can be up next to the bed or be a stand alone crib it can also be converted into a toddler bed using the conversion kit. Look out for the blog when baby arrives and how they like their new sleeping quarters.

*I have not been paid to promote these Shnuggle this has been an independent choice to use these products.


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